Letter - Send them all into outer space

Years ago there used to be a craze for seeing how many people you could get into a Mini or a telephone box.

The Wakefield Express now has a new take on this theme; How much nonsense, can our three local Labour MPs squeeze into their ‘Politically Speaking’ column each week.

Take for example Mary Creagh June 20 edition. Passports 30,000 applications delayed. But no mention of the fact, that last year, over 200,000 migrants were given citizenship or the number who this year, are applying for passports.

An end to negative experiences within the Justice System. So Ed Miliband sets up a victim taskforce chaired by Sir Keir Starmer! The one man who through the Crown Prosecution Service has been responsible for the majority of the completely bonkers decisions that have led to so many injustices within the system.

Thanking service families - remembering, respecting and valuing them. Presumably this is done by sending them as poorly-paid mercenaries of the Americans to fight illegal wars?

How about squeezing our Labour MPs into the alien spaceship Ed Miliband arrived in and getting Sir Kier Starmer to chair it back out into space? You never know someone out there might take them seriously.

Duncan Long

Coxley Crescent