Letter - Shall we be paying for the rest of our lives?

The letter - Express May 23- from James M Donlon, accompanied by a photograph of the Town Hall, appeared very appropriate, as this building represented prosperity and the foundation of democracy. And is no longer used by the council.

The new premises - Wakefield One - appears to resemble anything but prosperity or democracy, unless the council feel that the cuts, for future reference, will be represented by this plain looking, modest building.

Returning to Mr Donlon’s excellent letter, and anticipating what the council’s reply will be, my forecast will be - the cuts are to blame.

One thing to add to Mr Donlon’s long list of legitimate complaints is, in these days of austerity, where has all the money come from for all the building work etc that has been ongoing over three or four years?

As we all know, the very expensive Pinderfields Hospital, a necessity, was built with a Private Finance Initiative borrowed money.

Has the rest of the multitude of buildings been purchased in the same way?

If so, shall we be paying for the rest of our lives. Or will it be a debt without end. Amen.

Thank you Mr Donlon, once again for your excellent letter.

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street