Letter - Shopping in Wakefield ticks all the boxes

Oh dear, it seems that the famous old moaner who became known as ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ has moved to Yorkshire and become ‘Disgusted of Wakefield’.

I just cannot understand what all this complaining about the shops in Wakefield is about. For me the shopping experience in Wakefield is good, actually very good, in fact it ticks all the boxes.

The Ridings has flourishing independent and one off shops and cooperatives, a big favourite of mine is Created in Yorkshire. The other end of the scale BHS and M&S, WHSmith, Primark are the staples, not to mention Waterstones for us booklovers!

There are bargains to be had on the high street too, if you can stop moaning long enough to look for them!

There is a good variety of supermarkets, fresh fruit and veg stalls, independent butchers, delis, and of course the fabulous Cryer and Stott if you need a cheese treat.

Cryer and Stott, our own local cheese maker, in fact in Wakefield Market, which is also the butt of ‘Disgusted’s’ rantings, well just for his information there are actually two cafes in the market, Cafe Olivia and The Country Kitchen, and I think that their proprietors would be very hurt and offended to hear the accusation that a bank loan was needed to eat in them, their clientele obviously enjoy eating in them both.

For lovers of fashion Trinity Walk has all of course.

Oh, and by the way, the BullRing is bright and shiny today and full of people of all ages sitting enjoying the fountain in the sun.

The detractors of the Wakefield shopping experience always blame the council, I am not sure if it is actually the council’s fault though!

I feel that I must offset this by thanking Wakefield Council, because for me the shopping experience in Wakefield is just great!

Faith Sykes

Belgrave Mount