Letter - Shopping list is a little expensive for my taste

Regarding the building of 165 houses in our green space on Thornes Park.

The council’s shopping list is a little on the expensive side, don’t you think?

One top of the range hotel, for who? Exactly. Not for those who find it very difficult to make ends meet every week.

One grade 2 listed building with extensive and expensive repair and building work required. How much is this going to cost? I think some remedial work on our park would have been a far more prudent investment.

£6 million pounds of tax-payers’ money to go to a building that not many people that I know are remotely interested or are ever likely to be. Only for those who can afford a stay in a top of the range hotel. However, £6m pounds would have come in handy for child-care places for those who are in need, don’t you think?

£20,000 pounds for a piece of wooden rhubarb at the end of the park, actually it is a rubbish bin in the sky, albeit a very expensive rubbish bin.

Finally, those houses in the park. We live next to the park at the bottom of a hill. Although flooding has been addressed to some degree, it still floods somewhat at the bottom of the hill during heavy rain.

Now imagine a gaggle of ill-designed ‘homes’ and all the tarmac and concrete that goes with it, placed at the top of the hill. Where is all the water going to go? Not much garden space will go with these homes as no one has the time to garden for working for their ‘home’.

Open green spaces and allotments were given to the working man in perpetuity by pit owners and mill owners. They were to be run by local councils. This gave the working man somewhere to go for fresh air and to take his family. Our green and open spaces were not designed for the and wealthy to become ever more wealthy.

Wakefield Council should give this little cashcow a swerve seeing as there is to be a general election next year and there are more ‘grey voters’ than ever, including us two wrinklies.

They are not going to get any ‘brownie points’ should this go ahead.

I thought this old native American Indian saying rather apt...

Only when the last tree has been cut down,

the last fish been caught

and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money. Native American saying. (un-quote)

Geoffrey Hall

St Michaels House