Letter - Sony Centre say why they are leaving Wakefield behind

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I MUST disagree with Mr Greenwood’s letter in last week’s Express.

On reading it, I did wonder if he had been confused by a different Wakefield as his comments do not resemble the centre of Wakefield I know.

After 24 years of running the Wakefield Sony Centre in Cross Square we have decided after much deliberation to close it, move it and merge with our Leeds Sony Centre.

Shopping in Wakefield has massively changed especially over the last two years.

The centre of Wakefield is now sadly full of empty units, coffee shops, pound shops, charity shops and hairdressers. The Ridings looks half empty and the new Trinity Walk Shopping Centre does not appear to be sold out.

The demographic has changed considerably - gone are long standing estate agents, banks and other individual retailers, even the police are re-locating out of the city.

All the display stock will be sold off and cleared at Wakefield starting Friday, September 14, the staff will move to Leeds and the new-look state of the art Sony Centre will open in Leeds on September 22.

We would like to thank all our loyal Wakefield customers for your Sony business over the last 24 years.

For those of you who know Nick and Alex, who have worked for us for a combined total of 40 years between them, they are staying with us and will be pleased to welcome you with tempting offers at the soon to be re-launched Leeds Sony Centre.

Andrew Jones

managing director of Wakefield Sony Centre

Cross Square