Letter - Stan Laurel to blame

POLITICS, of recent years, gives one images of the silent and the first talking movies.

The latest episode was brought to mind when – shown on TV May 14 – the teachers were complaining that schools that for 10 years or more had been on the verge of collapsing, had cost millions to patch up.

The vision of Stan Laurel – alias Tony Blair – and his ‘education, education, education’ mantra jumped immediately to mind.

Then came the second vision of Oliver Hardy – alias David Cameron – quoting the famous saying ‘another fine mess you’ve got me into Stanley’.

It would appear that the last government not only overspent but in this spending spree completely ignored the basics in life.

In this instance, education was the be all and end all and yet, the establishments for education were virtually ignored and allowed to rot.

This has now left the coalition with a further headache, where will they get the millions of pounds it needs to rebuild all these schools?

Was this, once more, related to the ever increasing gap of the north and south divide, particularly with the north being a Labour stronghold.

Did Stan Laurel help to get us into the present financial mess?

Have things like this helped towards to present depletion in the ranks of these Keystone Kops and of the unrest amongst the tutors at St Trinians.

When can we expect Ealing Studios film title Comedy of Errors?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street