Letter - Start putting the phone down on cold callers

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There must be hundreds of people like myself who are sick to the teeth of receiving “cold calling” telephone calls most of which seem to be at meal times.

This week I have received six - three of which were to tell me I may be eligible for a free boiler, two selling solar panels and guess what - one telling me to throw out my old kitchen and replace it with a new one. I am sure they must think everyone is stupid.

A couple of weeks ago, again cold calling, I was asked if I was pestered by unwanted calls, when I said yes I was - it was put to me that they could stop this for me if I paid £1.90 a month - they must be joking.

If people are fed up with this, then I suggest they start putting the phone down before they hear further waffle. What an absolute waste of time.

E Whiteley

Manygates Lane