Letter - Tesco refusal shows we only need so many supermarkets

Wakefield was absolutely right to see off Tesco.

Tesco has acquired a bit of a reputation for something of a rapacious attitude to business, such that it even cunningly disguises some of it’s sub-branches by changing the name to ‘One-Stop’.

The elephant in the room question is this: how many food stores do we need in Wakefield City Centre? It is of little wonder that the Trinity Walk Sainsburys is only achieving half the sales of it’s other stores. I was there the other Monday lunchtime; many aisles were completely deserted of customers. Morrisons, both in the Ridings and Dewsbury Road, appears to do constant brisk trade, although I notice they have reduced certain lines.

In Wakefield there are also numerous Asian and East European stores, piled high with produce.

The other question is: is all this produce being sold, and how much of it is wasted?

Tesco might argue that it is creating jobs but it’s actions speak otherwise. It will gain work for itself but cause unemployment for employees of other smaller shops. So it isn’t worth it.

Whatever the maths of Wakefield’s revenue there is a limit ot how many major food chains we actually need.

“Choice” is a modern buzzword but in a recent survey many people admitted they were overwhelmed by choice. In itself, it is not that important. Value and consistent quality were far more what they were looking for.

John Roberts

St Johns Place

St Johns