Letter - The Apprentice: Like shooting rats in a barrel...brilliant!

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Dean Freeman’s article, ‘like shooting rats in a barrel’ should be widely distributed and required reading for so many of the ‘powers that be’ in Britain. Brilliant.

He writes of The Apprentice, which is indeed like a 21st century form of bair-baiting, except the participants wear suits and are immaculately groomed. The astute parallels he makes were also a very accurate diagnosis of the ills afflicting this country at the moment.

I boycotted The Apprentice a long time ago. It is cruel, cold-hearted, unethical and basically downright nasty. Why indeed do we abase ourselves when “fired” (thank you, Lord Alan) by a man who simply has considerably more cash than we do? It is the Emperor’s new clothes. I remember some years ago at a meeting where I worked. I am sure the boss had been watching The Apprentice once too often because he seemed to be adopting certain mannerisms of Alan Sugar, as if he was some good role-model. I might be wrong there, but I doubt it. Maybe he picked it up unconsciously.

The Apprentice does hold a mirror up to society, and it does not reflect a very pretty picture.

Dean Freeman’s analysis of those up the command chain as “ill-informed, unsympathetic and patronising to their underlings” is bang on target. Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this.

The culture of belittlement and dehumanising which we observe in The Apprentice is something, in 2013, we should be growing out of.

The dog-eat-dog and “I suceed at your expense” is something in a post-industrial sophisticated society we should have outgrown. When you watch The Apprentice, it is almost childish (not childlike) in its base selfishness.

There is always room for innovation, creativity and, indeed, entrepreneurial spirit. However, lets not forget that most of the nice and useful things we take for granted have already been invented. There is little use or virtue in inventing things for inventing’s sake, and then trying to make people buy them (this applies to Dragon’s Den too, by the way).

Thanks Dean for saying it as it is, or should be. Many will agree with you. That’s capitalism!

John Roberts

St John’s Court, Wakefield