Letter - The boy racers and roadhogs

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We spend a lot of our lives rushing from one place to another. We also spend a lot of our lives waiting.

We stand in lines, we sit in traffic jams, we set slow processes in motion, then fill in time while they complete themselves.

What seems urgent really is urgent? Move at speed by all means - but only at a speed that’s comfortable.

You aren’t in a race, or rather you are, but it is called ‘the human race’ - and you win it by being happy, not by hurrying. Cheer up!

I just can’t understand why there are so many bad tempered humans on the highway in a rush. Rush hour has just become a 24 hour thing. The younger they are makes them go crazy, waving their arms about and making rude gestures.

What ever happened to road manners. Boy racers come to mind - road hogs.

Adrian David Smith

Milton Crescent