Letter - The future of Wakefield is in our hands

Most of us are able to make a difference to how Wakefield city centre can survive.

We can get off our backsides and physically make an effort to get into town and shop. The price to park in Wakefield is quite reasonable actually compared to Leeds.

Also, you can hop on a bus and get an all day ticket for a decent price.

In the letters page last week someone said: “I rarely visit myself these days as there isn’t a lot left to go for...”

Absolute rubbish! I shopped in the Ridings and Trinity Walk today and bought some lovely gifts. There’s a great shop in the Ridings “Present Days” where I found a couple of gifts I’d seen in one of the Christmas gift catalogues we all receive in the post.

It was great having a look to see the size and quality before actually buying them.

A lot of the items you can buy online are actually available in Wakefield so there really is no excuse.

I would urge everyone to get out there. It’s great, you don’t have the hassle of the crowds in Leeds but you do have lots of the same quality shops.

There is also a great choice of swanky cafes. Marmalade and Mocha Moocha are just two to mention.

Come on everyone “we are all in this together”, Wakefield’s future is in all our hands!

M Hood

Shay Lane