Letter - The Hepworth is a wonderful venue

I felt I had to reply to the negative comments raised in your letter section in August 1 edition of the Wakefield Express.

It seemed very biased towards those people objecting to spending money on the Hepworth.

I imagine that those who are happy for the council to subsidise the gallery wouldn’t make their views known.

The suggestion that they should charge entry is not feasible as all galleries and museums are free to enter but they could charge for specific exhibitions.

I welcomed the many changes to our city, especially the Hepworth Gallery, which Wakefield on the map and provided a wonderful venue, not only for culture lovers but for the children of Wakefield who have benefited from all the many activities it has provided.

I do feel that the Waterfront area could be improved more if the old warehouses were used as in Salt’s Mill, with craft shops and cafes and maybe even a wine bar or two.

The Bullring makes a pleasant meeting place and the fountains have given children a lot of fun over the summer months.

However, after visiting Sheffield Peace Gardens recently, it would be better if traffic could be removed altogether from this area of town and a grassed seating area provided for families to sit and enjoy.

It is a shame that children’s centres and libraries are being closed.

However, we in Walton recruited volunteers to keep our community library which is now open on more days and provides a venue for job club, computer club, Spanish classes, a choir, a bridge club, walking group, cycling club and many more planned.

I am not sure how the children’s centres operate but it may be possible for them to be run by volunteers as Mums and toddlers groups were run in the past?

Sheila Leith

Priory Square