Letter - The plans that local people don’t want

Further to your article about the homes replacing West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club in Sandal, there is a need for the council to start listening.

The sports fields have long been allocated for housing. However local residents and the local councillors opposed it the and still oppose it because of the loss of green space, air quality and increase in traffic issues.

This has been further exacerbated by the increase in size of the local school thus reducing further green space and also then moving a place where they can participate in sports out of the near area. Coun Denise Jeffery - who I suspect does not live in Sandal, says the relocation is only a short distance – even though it is proposed to move to an area that already has two such facilities within easy access.

The point is those in Sandal will have to get in their car to reach it, thus further increasing traffic.

Sandal has very little in the way of facilities and precious little green space. The council will undoubtedly rubber stamp this through even though there will be many objections and no attention at all paid to Sandal community.

There have been no economic viability studies done to see whether the club can support itself in its new position. But worst of all, as ever, people who do not live in the area are telling those who do, what is going to happen.

Frankly it is not the cuts that devastate communities, it is councils continuing to implement plans that local people and local councillors do not want.

Ian Anderson

Helmsley Road