Letter: The selfish folk who leave their litter

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I live in Newmillerdam and regularly walk around the dam with my dog.

It’s been a beautiful day today (July 12) and I would imagine the dam has been busy as the weather has been good.

It’s a beautiful place and one which I feel very lucky to live so close to.

Therefore when I walked my dog this evening, I was deeply saddened to see the litter that had been left behind.

Two coke cans and ice cream containers left on a bench, lager cans, children’s drinks to name but a few. I collected a bag of litter.

In recent times, the council rubbish bins have been removed from from around the dam due to what I can only feel is an attempt to save money, with a rubbish bin now located in the car parks at both sides of the dam.

While this is not helpful, it is no excuse for irresponsible, selfish and thoughtless people who choose to leave their rubbish behind.

Therefore, to those people who think it’s ok to leave their rubbish behind - it isn’t. Who do you think moves it? Take it home or carry it until you find a bin.

If everyone did what you do, no one would visit Newmillerdam because it would look like a household waste site. If you can’t respect it - don’t come!

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