Letter - Thornes Park is back to its best

WE visited Thornes Park recently and were pleasantly surprised at the changes since our last visit.

Garden areas have been cleared and re-structured, there is a new aviary and the rose gardens, which had previously looked neglected, now look beautiful.

(Unfortunately the storks are still painted blue when all former Thornes House School pupils know they should be yellow).

We found the lovely new Secret Garden: this was discovered and is being recreated by the Friends of CHAT group and is just as you imagine a secret garden should be.

A lot of work has been done already, but it is an ongoing project and they were busy lopping trees when we were there.

The old graves of the pet mouse and the dogs are still there.

There used to be a monument among the trees on an island at the back of the lake. Is it still there?

It was good to see the cafe busy, the tennis courts full and lots of people in the gardens again, just like old times.

Dorothy Blakey

Eskdale Road