Letter - Try making city a heavenly place

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It is often claimed that Yorkshire is “God’s Own Country” and to a certain degree with good reason.

However, I do have to take issue with this claim. I wouldn’t say that any part of Yorkshire is any better than many other areas of the UK, such as Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon, Dorset, Northumberland, as well as most of Scotland and Wales.

I do enjoy trips to the Dales and of course there’s the North York Moors too, as well as the historic city of York and parts of the coast.

All of these places lie in one county of the Yorkshire region, and are a far cry from West Yorkshire, and certainly this city.

Wakefield is in some ways enjoying regeneration, but on the whole, in my opinion, it is typical of many Northern towns - dirty, run down, economically depressed, propping up negative league tables.

It therefore amazes me how many people here seem to think it’s some kind of ‘jewel in the crown’, with one reader recently describing it as “Yorkshire’s Best Kept Secret”.

Please answer me this then. If Wakefield is such a vibrant, wonderful city, why is it not looked after by its residents? I’m sure most of you reading this are responsible, considerate citizens who don’t drop litter and clean up after your pets, but given the level of filth on the streets of this place, it’s apparent that so many don’t.

I have lived all over this country and can hand on heart say that Wakefield is by far the dirtiest. Having an inept council that can’t even keep a market hall going doesn’t help, but let’s face it, it’s not Wakefield Council that make our streets a mess.

If people here are so proud of where they come from, then they need to start looking after it. Maybe then companies may want to come and invest in Wakefield, and create some much needed jobs.

Maybe then your bold claims of “God’s Own Country” may have some merit.

Mark Collinson

Parkhill Crescent