LETTER - United in the cause

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I FOUND it most interesting reading Mr Wildie’s letter on August 12, headed “Promises are broken”, where he writes about the cuts in police, fire service and ambulances.

May I respectfully point out to Mr Wildie that when David Blunket was home secretary he called for more policemen on the beat.

Having lived in both Horbury and Ossett for the past 78 years, I have yet to see over the last 14 years any increases in beat policemen. But in 1953 there appeared to be plenty.

And my last calculation on the local percentage of beat policemen from the whole force in Wakefield came to 18 per cent. Where are, or were, the other 82 per cent?

Could I also point out with regard to the fire service that a new central communication building in Wakefield, costing tens of millions and still costing thousands per month, is still not in use.

Could Mr Wildie calculate how many firemen this would have paid for?

Particularly as the fire service did not want this building in the first place and it is “cut”.

Mr Wildie is also upset about the cuts to the ambulance service.

Surely he must know that the NHS has been in dire financial difficulties over, at least, the last ten years even though public money, yours and mine, has been poured in to it.

Doesn’t Mr Wildie think that the money wasted on the Afghan and Iraq wars would have been better spent on the NHS or the police force and fire services?

And that the present conflicts are still wasting our money?

This, when our country is in dire financial difficulties.

Trying not to be political, I blame all political parties for this mess we are in as disagreements and arguments should be settled in parliament and, as they are civil servants, to the satisfaction of the public at large.

Playground squabbles never solved anything.

Shouldn’t red, white and blue mean we are united in the common cause?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street