Letter - Volunteers to patrol parks?

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EACH time I leave home I realise how lucky I am to live in the perimeter of a local beauty spot, namely Alverthorpe Meadows.

A haven for wildlife, children, families, the elderly and a dog walker’s paradise.

But oh how I despair to see dog walkers allowing their pets to foul this lovely area, then walk away and leave it when there are bins provided.

Do grown adults need telling that it is common decency to clear up after oneself and their pets in public areas? Is this just another standard, I ask myself, which seems to have gone to the wall?

When I was a young girl we had park rangers who wore a black uniform and hat, patrolling the local parks.

We knew when he was around to behave ourselves, as we did with policemen, both of which we respected.

I seem to remember dog owners being required to purchase a dog licence. Does this still apply?

If not perhaps it might be considered by the council. It would add some revenue to the council coffers.

These culprits should be penalised the way they penalise others for having to dodge around their droppings.

Some large clear signs, vandal proof of course, would be helpful in reminding these lazy narrow minded selfish people of their duty to others.

Could we not recruit some volunteer rangers from the long term unemployed or retired people to work in groups of three?

A good way of enjoying fresh air and exercise in beautiful surroundings.

I would volunteer myself, but I already have two voluntary jobs, and have had so over ten years, both of which give me great fulfilment.

S Woolley

Silcoates Park, Wakefield