Letter - Wakefield Council leader’s ‘box’ of tricks

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I have long since realised that labour party politicians are pathologically incapable of admitting responsibility for their actions, preferring instead to deny anything that may be unpalatable.

Coun Box’s letter in last week’s Express is a great example of more denial of inconvenient facts.

Coun Box says that the UK economy is in, ‘…the longest recession in recent history.’ By any independent measure, other than wishful Boxenomics, the UK economy is not in recession.

In 2010, the Brown government handed over an economy which in 2008/9 had shrank by an unprecedented 7.2%, and which was in danger of collapsing under the weight of the debt that labour had accrued since 2002; the largest debt of any G20 country, incidentally…..although they deny it.

Mr Box also talks about a north/south divide in the way city centres are being hit, as though it was some kind of government plan. Well it isn’t. It is simply that people in places like Wakefield are, on average, more reliant on government spending than they are in the south. So, when the government are in financial trouble the people dependent on government spending are always hit first and feel it more acutely.

Since 2010, the shadow chancellor has denied that labour ran a structural deficit of 5.2%, but now admits it. Labour has opposed every government measure aimed at cutting spending but now supports them all and won’t reverse any of them.

People need to understand that the government cannot go on taxing the productive part of the economy, in order to engorge the unproductive part. It cannot spend its way out of recession or borrow its way out of debt.

It is a statistical fact that every labour government has left Britain bankrupt, but of course, they simply deny it.

Tony John Homewood


Wakefield District Conservative Association

Zetland Street