Letter - Wakefield Market’s deficit can be managed

Coun Jeffery says she is disappointed that Wakefield market has not been the success she had hoped for.

This is nothing to the disappointment traders feel, despite their hard work over five and a half years in the face of council mismanagement and a difficult time in retail, they are now threatened with closure.

The market hall was not fit for purpose from the start, the closure of the food hall because of drainage and the paving on the outdoor market having to be replaced discouraged new traders and customers.

Indoor traders feel that if the council were serious about the future of the market the deficit could be managed and at a recent meeting offered to pay an increase in rent rather than loose the building and livelihoods.

Which begs the question why have they allowed the food hall to trade rent free?

The themed markets that the council are so keen to support are yearly events and no substitute for our customers who want a traditional daily market in a safe, convenient and comfortable environment under one roof.

Tony Miller

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