Letter: Was the miners’ strike worth it?

Of course the miners’ strike was worth it.

The trouble is the miners were fighting a traditional strike whereas Thatcher and her henchmen were fighting a war to destroy the miners and the power they had.

She was ready for them and struck in the summer with coal stocks high and the need for less power to be used.

She even said “We have fought the enemy without and now must fight the enemy within” calling her own people the enemy.

So how many coal mines now exist?

And saying Scargill was to blame is total rubbish and could he have negotiated with this woman?

I think not....

Also, we got a pittance when Lofthouse foods closed down while Thatcher bought the miners off with huge payments.

I went for a job and a lad said: “Oh you will be rolling in money now that you are been made redundant”, and I said: “We are not miners”...

Don’t people read about the miners’ strike or do they just believe the rubbish that the media churn out?

Geoffrey Benson

Ash Crescent