Letter - We care about our community

I read with great interest the letter published last week from Paul Dainton with regards to our MPs’ continual refusal to listen to the constituents and feel he raised many important issues that will need to be addressed if they want to keep their seats in parliament .

When will our local Labour MPs wake up and realise that they are heading at high speed towards a brick wall? They say that they are listening to their constituents but in reality it seems that they only give us lip service.

I have already expressed my own personal concerns that the proposed HS2 high speed rail link will cripple this country if it goes ahead and will leave generations to come with huge debts.

We have already seen colossal amounts of money wasted on unused fire and rescue service centre’s that are currently sat empty which the previous Labour government pushed ahead with despite growing concerns from everyone involved that they would not work.

Wakefield desperately needed a new hospital and it’s fair to say that the new general hospital is a major improvement on the old hospital but once again the previous Labour government decided that the best way forward was to go down the PFI route.

So we have a brand new hospital but at what cost to the public? It seems that we will never be out of the private sectors debt and we the taxpayer’s and service users have to be grateful to the private sector for providing the hospital but it’s costing all of us a huge amount in repayment costs.

I would ask our elected Labour MP’s to listen to what their constituents have to say, we care about our communities and our country and we don’t want to leave a legacy of mounting debt for future generations to come.

The time has come for them to wake up and take note of what’s happening, people are becoming dissolutioned with the apparent lack of direction from our Labour MPs.

If they don’t start to listen to the electorate they may find themselves looking for a new seat or even a new employer.

Robert Burgess

Bannockburn Way