Letter - We must protect the little countryside we have left

I agree fully with P McGowan (Express October 25), when he states we must protect what little countryside we have left in the Wakefield area.

The HS2 project is a separate debate that must be considered cautiously, the project managers must prove that the economic benefits will meet the predictions, personally I doubt it.

In my view, responsibility to preserve green corridor areas lies with our planning officers, local councillors and parish councils.

I ask that they seriously investigate all planning applications within green belt and especially conservation areas, unwarranted developments must be discouraged. In this way we can save what little countryside we have left in the Wakefield area.

I have had pleasure in serving on the Warmfield cum Heath Parish Council for over 15 years and through a partnership arrangement with the Countryside Department, wildlife is once again beginning to flourish in the parish, however, with financial cuts, we worry if we can continue to preserve these areas.

In the early nineteenth century Charles Waterton saved Heath Common from the land enclosure act, but for many the fight goes on, particularly against the smaller developments that gently erode the green corridors we enjoy.

Heath Common is for the whole of the Wakefield population, once described by Wakefield Council as the ”jewel in the crown”. It is one of the few areas where we can walk freely, enjoy wildlife, sit and have a picnic read a book (weather permitting) or fly a kite.

Everyone should be aware, it is so easy to lose these areas, but very difficult to replace them. If anyone is interested in becoming a “Friend of Heath Common” please contact us clerk@warmfieldcumheath.org.uk

Joe Fisher


Warmfield cum Heath Parish Council