Letter - ‘We’re being sold out by traitors’

I can honestly say I agree with every word in Paul Dainton’s letter last week and can go much further.

I was a Labour party member years ago in the 70s and early 80s and a active campaigner for workers’ rights and better social conditions for the working classes and a keen believer in the welfare state and all the benefits of socialism, or at least to the point of creating a fairer and caring society.

However over the years, as you know, we’ve lost the ability to choose our own MPs and now we have these people parachuted in with Oxford/Harvard qualifications in geopolitics and more, that do not represent our needs or indeed know anything about our communities, and totally ignore the vast majority of the electorate’s opinions on every level, and seem to be consumed by their standing orders from the corporate globalists and following an agenda that has been conceived outside the normal democratic political process and totally by-passing parliament.

I feel we, as a nation, are being sold out by these traitors, And it breaks my heart all the more after hearing the tales of the old who fought the Nazis, and watching the D-Day landings this week, as I watch our nation slip into the kind of fascist dictatorship our fathers fought against.

Pete Mcgowan

Windross Close