Letter - We’re not just toeing the party line say councillors

We write in response to letter from Diane Wilson, August 22, regarding lack of road repairs in the Stanley & Outwood East Ward and would assure all the residents of the ward that their local Labour councillors are working on their behalf each and every day.

Our record of representing residents at licensing/planning committees, supporting/working with local groups and individual residents shows we are working for our residents and not just toeing the party line.

With regard to road repairs over the last two years we have ensured Stanley & Outwood East got a fair share of work done including: Aberford Road, Leeds Road/Canal Lane, Ridings Gardens, Coach Road, Bolus Lane, Ouchthorpe Lane all completed and Castlegate and Leeds Road scheduled in the next few weeks along with Baker Lane (once gas works are completed).

Also nearly 600 safety defect repairs – ie potholes or groups of potholes – have been completed in the ward – 106 since April this year.

Patching on Potovens Lane, Lake Lock Road, Bevin Crescent and Moor Road (subject to completion of gas works) is scheduled for later in the year ready for next year’s surfacing program.

We would also advise that highway engineers have commenced a survey of all roads in the district to identify the right treatments and prioritise programmes of work to keep all Wakefield roads in as good a condition as possible.

Coun Clive Hudson

Coun Matthew Morley

Coun Jacqui Williams

Stanley and Outwood East Ward