Letter - We’re sure proper procedures were followed for Durkar Lane

In response to a letter in last week’s newspaper I would like to reassure people that all known details of the proposals for the new development in Durkar were available during the planning stage.

We were aware the sewer connection had to be made some 580 metres away from the site in Durkar Lane, however the extent of the road closure was not known at that time.

The council is fully satisfied that the proper planning procedures were followed.

We acknowledge that the current work on Durkar Lane is inconvenient and can understand some people’s frustration.

However, the fact that work to instal a sewer would result in a road closure for almost seven months would not have been a valid reason to refuse planning permission.

All residents and emergency services will have access throughout the works and we will work with the sewer installers to try and minimise the length of disruption, if at all possible.

In response to the drainage issues, at the bottom on Durkar Lane, the council will ensure that developers provide the infrastructure necessary to support their development, which in this case means upgraded drainage capacity.

Coun Denise Jeffery

Cabinet Member for Regeneration

Wakefield Council