Letter - Westgate traffic should go one-way

I have read with interest the articles in the Express re road congestion in and around Wakefield caused by roadworks.

Roadworks aren’t the only problem.

I have spoken to the Highways Department many times over the last couple of years regarding congestion at the bottom of Westgate, both leading in and out of Wakefield caused by traffic turning either right into Lawfield Lane and the cul-de-sacs and turning right from them to go into town.

This caused blocking of traffic on either one or two lanes which then backs up.

This is worse at the Lawfield Lane junction where there are also traffic lights.

At times the congestion is that bad the traffic is backed up to St. Michael’s church and beyond, or, backed up to Ings Road lights.

This shows Wakefield’s traffic system in a bad light for people who have to get into work on a morning and get home on a night, plus visitors to the city, at one of Wakefield’s primary entrances being the road from the M1.

This also causes accidents, near misses (of which I myself have had a few) and to some extent road rage.

Even the ‘no U turn’ sign is blatantly ignored as drivers can use the wide opening to spin round.

The Highways did ‘half’ of the job by putting a central reservation at the end of Alverthorpe Road but the rest of the work I am told was objected to, which had some councillor’s backing.

All cities have one way systems, including Wakefield at Northgate, the new system near the Westgate railway station and top of Marsh Way which has cost millions I would imagine.

Yet a simple one way system on Westgate which would be relatively inexpensive will not happen even though it would ease traffic in and out of the city.

The cost to people who have objected would be a few more minutes of their time.

I wonder if these same councillors who have backed the objection use Westgate to come and go...I doubt it.

Keith Clarkson