Letter - What about a campsite so Pugneys can make some money?

It would be a great shame if the people of Wakefield were unable to continue using Pugneys Country Park as it has been used for the last few years, although I appreciate that even in private ownership the same facilities would probably be available (but at what cost?).

The council has been short sighted in not making full use of Pugneys. We thought many years ago, and still do, that a campsite would be beneficial for the whole area.

It would bring visitors who could stay for several days and make use of the facilities at Pugneys: there are already showers and toilets so all that would be needed is a level area for tents and caravans, while visitors could also travel to the other attractions in Wakefield, travelling either by car or the buses which go right past the entrance to the park.

I have no wish to see Pugneys go the same way as Clarke Hall when with a little imagination and investment it could remain in council ownership for many years to come.

A campsite would give a steady income to offset the running costs and bring more visitors to Wakefield.

Candy Owen

Snydale Villas