Letter - What can be done with crown court building?

Such a shame it has come to this with such an iconic city centre building (the old Crown Court).

Glad something is being done about it though. Problem really is what use can it be put to? Demolition isn’t an answer - raises the problem of what would replace it, nothing really fits the bill and creates an obnoxious monstrosity!

But if it is finally repaired, some appropriate use must be found for it.

Maybe it could be converted to house the Registry of Deeds & WY Archives giving them a more accessible location than the ‘Newstead building’ at the back of the College (which I understand they are planning to move out of soon), or maybe the Leeds City Region or WY Joint Transport (Metro’s successor) people could have it as a headquarters cum contact-point (bringing the focus of West Yorkshire back to its old county capital).

Or maybe Wakefield Council at County Hall could make something out of it linking it to the Town Hall next door, or maybe Wakefield Museum could use it, or maybe HM Courts Service could re-open the Crown Court again after 22 years?

I just don’t know but I hope something appropriate and beneficial for the City & District of Wakefield can be found to use the building. Love to know what the current owner had planned for it?

And yes, it should be CPOed off the current owner as they clearly can’t maintain it!

Emil Brown

Ashwood Green