LETTER: What has actually changed?

Mary Creagh MP.
Mary Creagh MP.

Mary Creagh argues the very tenuous case for another referendum on the basis that things have changed. Forgive me but I do not see much change at all.

The scare stories we heard before the referendum have not come to pass, we still do not have control of our own borders,immigration,laws or trade.

What we are led to believe is that demographics may have done so (based on research by the remain side — is this yet more fake news I wonder?)

Why don’t arch Remainers like Mary Creagh be up-front with people and admit they see a chance amid the parliamentary chaos to overturn the result of the referendum.

Not only is there a democracy issue here but yet another referendum would cause further division and uncertainty for months if not years to come.

A best of three is it? I should also remind her that both major parties in the country had a manifesto commitment to implement Brexit.

f broken I see yet another nail in the democracy coffin!

David Garforth, Walton