Letter - What is next for Wakefield?

ONE begins to wonder what is happening to Wakefield when we read the Express.

Every week we see the police have caught another drug grower. Then we read that another entertainment venue with bars and dancing is on the cards.

Have the police objected, and once more been overruled by the council?

When shall we see the casinos and penny arcades accompanied by the more modern pole dancing clubs?

Has Wakefield got the ambition to become the drugs and drunkenness capital of the north? Not to forget debauchery.

We also read every week the letters sent in by those who condemn some of the new buildings like the Hepworth Wakefield, but not clearly much longer letters sent in praise of the Hepworth.

The best recommendations are always passed on by word of mouth.

On a fairly regular basis we read of the possibility of a Wakefield University.

This is when, in the news recently, teachers in a number of Yorkshire schools have been complaining, for more than ten years, about the run-down conditions of the school buildings.

Is this one of the reasons why Yorkshire’s position in the education league tables is low down the list?

What good is culture when it is surrounded by depravation, greed for power, pomposity and hunger for fame, while the basics are virtually ignored?

Pride cometh before a fall?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street