Letter - What will the true cost of the Tour de France be?

Not wishing to create the impression that sport should be neglected when it comes to finance, but I was brought up to believe that sport was a pastime and that work was first priority.

With this in mind, and the cost of sport appearing to take precedence over investment in jobs and the export trade, brings me to the forthcoming - Tour-de-France in Yorkshire and the cost to organise, police, safety, accommodation etc for the supporters and the cyclists.

As motorists have been complaining for quite some time about the poor state of the roads in Yorkshire and safety for the race competitors being a priority, how much will it cost to put the miles of roads into good condition?

We read that this event could generate £7 billion for the Yorkshire economy. However, as yet we have not seen any figures as to the cost of staging such a prestigious event. Could this mean council tax and road tax will rise?

As the 2012 Olympics cost £9 billion to stage, and as yet no sign of any published figures of profits, one has to wonder how the £7 billion will be generated, especially with the present state of the country’s finances being well in the red.

Could the outcome of this race be the start of our manufacturing cycles industry? For export? Or will the Eastern countries beat us to it with cheaper and better bikes?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street