Letter - When will they listen to the people?

For several years now, the public and businesses, have complained about the state of Wakefield roads. I for one could hardly believe what was in the Express on Friday June 6 - under the heading - road repairs a priority says council.

Being an ardent reader and writer of letters to the Express and reading, for the past ten years or so, of peoples complaints about the roads, it was no surprise to see the cost of repairs had risen by £20 million, in the last twelve months to £96 million and will take twelve years to complete.

Isn’t this a little like the arguments about HS2? More so now we have seen house prices rise by ten percent in the same twelve months.

Have the priorities been, over the last ten years, art galleries, museums, council buildings, shopping malls, police stations etc. Not to forget the building modernisation.

When will the council, who are paid by the tax and rate payers, begin to really listen to the people and get the priorities right?

We realise the council wish to attract tourists and now the cyclists, to see all our wondrous new buildings etc, but surely houses and jobs are more of a priority for the residents of Wakefield.

Or will the council employ guides to show the tourists the hundreds of poor people queuing at the food banks, and them taking the food home on their bicycles.

Will the roads be suitable for cyclists?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street, Horbury