Letter - Why aren’t MPs chaining themselves to the railings?

I wish to reply to the criticisms concerning my letter in the paper last week.

Firstly I wish to point out to the readers that I wasn’t promoting socialism as a panacea to all our problems but supporting the benefits which it brought us, better working conditions and workers’ rights and the welfare states which in turn created a more caring and fairer society, to which now I feel we are rapidly moving in the opposite direction these days.

Concerning our our MPs doing a great job fighting the bedroom tax etc, why aren’t they chaining themselves to the railings of Westminster in support of all those genuine people who have lost benefits and not to mention those who have died since as a result of stress over being sanctioned?

Why aren’t our MPs supporting our communities against HS2 when it is clear we dont want it?

I think it’s safe to say that our MPs don’t represent our communities, and if the other reader from Normanton who commented thinks there is some kind of conspiracy between a few Altofts men, well considering that the area has been one of hotbed of contention of late with the tip and HS2, I’m not surprised that a growing number are beginning to think alike.

Pete McGowan

Windross Close