Letter - Why don’t we get critically acclaimed films at Cineworld Wakefield?

You will be aware that Wakefield is the UK’s 11th largest city with a population in the region of 300,000.

Now,I don’t know if facts such as that have any bearing on how decisions are made by Cineworld in how they treat the cinema-going public and how poorly they actually serve their potential customer base.

Wakefield consistently misses out on a whole range of films that usually have a screening at Castleford Cineworld but are never shown at Wakefield.

For instance most recently and currently: “Tracks”, “Locke”, “Blue Ruin”, ”Inside Llewyn Davis” to mention a few critically acclaimed films which have received widespread glowing reviews.

Clearly quality and good press reviews are also not a factor taken into account; while unwilling or unable to treat its customer base with respect, Wakefield managed to screen the following critically panned and negatively reviewed, “Labor Day” and ”Brick Mansions” amongst a whole roster of dross.

Louis Kasatkin

Pinderfields Road