Letter - Why I refuse to use self-scanners in supermarkets

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People need to stop using self-scanners and people-less petrol stations.

I went to my local supermarket only to find more automated tills. I don’t know if people are ignorant as to the aims of supermarkets, but their sole objection is to increase profits and one way of achieving this is to reduce the need for staff.

They already have petrol stations which are automated and refuse to put a member of staff on the tills until 6am. I, for one, flatly refuse to use the automated petrol station or self-scanners and if everyone else followed suit then they would remove them and place them with people from the local community. Self scanners mean job losses. I have serious concerns about these machines and have returned goods to the shelves when staff are instructed not to open the tills until 6am.

People are shoved into the self-scanning areas like cattle for one person to oversee many tills as the supermarket expect, thus saving themselves many hours at the customer-facing tills and the profits flood into big bosses and shareholders’ pockets. Just take a moment out of your busy life and think for a minute? You may be in a rush but spare a thought for the cashier who is about to lose his/her job because the greedy fat cats want to squeeze more profits that are already grotesque.

Isn’t it more pleasing to be served with human interaction? I have built up a rapport with staff and the exchanging of a few words can make all the difference to my day. I close my rant with a simple request, but one that would have a powerful impact upon supermarkets, staff, customers and the local community.

Please stop using the self-scanners and queue behind another person at a till where a person is waiting to serve you. If we unite on this one then the supermarket owners will have to remove the self-scanners.

John Dunnill

Kettlethorpe Road