Letter - Why we no longer want to live in Wakefield

My partner and I are actively looking to move to another part of the country.

Why? Because we no longer want to live in a city that in so many ways has gone to the dogs.

The amount of litter strewn around Wakefield is simply shocking, not to mention embarrassing.

Nowhere else that I have personally lived have I seen such a blatant disgregard for street cleanliness.

I blame the people, sadly not a minority, who think it’s perfectly acceptable to litter our streets. Whilst I have much sympathy for the council, especially the hardworking staff in Streetscene, those at the top (Coun Box et al) need to take some responsibility for the state of this city.

However, when you look at some of their recent actions, it comes as no surprise that Wakefield is in many ways being left to rot.

Yes there have been developments and improvements to the city, but look at Merchant Gate - a predominently empty set of buildings.

Wood Street and others are blighted by empty retail units, and the city centre is just a sea of discount stores, pasty shops and tanning salons. If that’s your thing, great, but I want more quality retail on my doorstep than this.

Yorkshire is perceived by many of you as “God’s Own County”. This is true in parts, but certainly not here in Wakefield. I don’t honestly think any god would choose this area for such a boastful accolade.

So, with regret, we will be off to pastures new, to a clean, prosperous and well-managed district where the residents have pride in their surrounding, and where the quality of life will be much higher.

I’m sure many of you do look after your area, but sadly, a large element have turned this city into the filthy place it has now become.

Mark Collinson

Parkhill Crescent