Letter - Wildcats supporters need the facts

Just what is happening at the Wildcats? I have supported the club for over 50 years and find it hard to understand the latest disaster.

Are we the supporters to believe the major cause of the clubs problem is the new ‘stand’?

I am certain I remember Mr Glover some years ago at The Cedar Court in front of a full house raising the prospect of this construction and also saying that he would personally fund the development.

Personally I feel there are other causes for the club’s problems yet to surface.

Were not 4,000 season tickets sold for 2013, gates were rarely below 8,000 and ammongst the best in Super League.

Questions need answering:-

Were the vast wages referred to by the chairman paid to players or others at the club?

Is the proposed academy viable in the present circumstances?

What is the marketing department doing to promote ticket sales for 2014 from my experience to date nothing and I usually buy four tickets?

Where is the promotion of Club 1873?

I could go on.

Mr chairman, supporters both need and deserve a full and frank explanation of the club’s position.

Please remember we are the ones that provide a large part of the revenue that you spend in the first place through merchandise and tickets.

We are not mushrooms to be kept in the dark, give us all the facts, hold some public meetings, and you may be suprised by the response or are you happy with the prospect of championship rugby or maybe no rugby at all?

Robert Hawkins

Barnsley Road