Letter - Wind turbine decisions should be the same as replicas of the Eiffel Tower in my garden

I read with interest your article on the possibility of more planning applications for wind turbines in the Woolley area.

In particular the comment from Ian Thompson that ‘we are bound by planning law to process any valid applications we may receive’.

I doubt that if I applied to erect a replica of the Eiffel tower in my garden it would receive any time or credence with the planning department and the same should apply to the wind turbines.

The proliferation of these monstrosities will continue unabated unless councils make a determined effort to refuse any planning requests for them.

The reason that you now see so many of them is that this is our government’s only current answer to EU requirements under their Large Combustion Plant Directive.

Currently the government is forced under this directive to close five power stations by the end of 2015 and to replace their capacity with turbines. We will need to erect 8,400 of them at a total cost of £12 billion and that does not include the subsidies we will have to pay to cover the fact that they are so inefficient.

Landowners and power companies are desperate to get their hands on these subsidies which they see as easy cash. They don’t care that this policy will result in each household paying approximately £200 per year extra for electricity.

If we don’t erect them, the government will have to develop a realistic energy policy. which should include a higher dependency on fracking which would provide cheap energy with extremely low environmental impact.

The government needs to produce a workable energy plan, landowners and power companies should make money from honest endeavours and the planners should adopt a policy of open and reject to all applications.

Alan Hazelhurst

Hill Top Lane