Letter - X Factor audience is too loud for my liking

My enjoyment of the show in the current series of ITV’s X Factor is ruined by the din from the aduience.

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t understand the reason for this noisy hysteria.

It’s bad enough that the programme has almost one third of its running time in adverts; bad enough that the presenter (‘Lesmond O’Dreary’ we call him) has all the charisma of a door post and is totally out of his depth (where are Ant and Dec when we need them?).

I’m all for audience participation, polite applause is welcome and cheering is not amiss, but every time one of the judges opened their mouths, the studio audience went bonkers, screeching/squealing/yelling/screaming, drowning out entirely what they were saying. Poor Louis Walsh was shouting himself hoarse above the racket.

None of this can be spontaneous, so why this orchestration of hysterical reaction to every word from the judges by the floor of managers in the studio?

Simon Cowell owns this show - in every sense - so why does he allow this manipulation and over-reaction to go unchecked?

Despite this, it’s one of TV’s slickest shows in years and all power to the contestants who, though manipulated in their quest for glory, perform every week with grit, determination and when they lose, sorrow.

Adrian David Smith

Milton Crescent