Letter - Yet another Nazi state in Europe

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As a 76 year-old pensioner brought up in Leeds, I still remember air raid sirens, searchlights, the air raid shelter, Nazi aircraft and exploding Nazi bombs demolishing houses and killing people in nearby streets.

So I learned from an early age to hate Nazism and despise those who condone it. I have nothing but contempt for those blatant hypocritical Nazi sympathizers in the Britain and the USA – as the Nazis tried to kill me and my parents.

Let’s never forget the former USSR lost 27 million dead, what’s more 1,700 Soviet towns and cities were totally destroyed, along with 70,000 villages, 31,850 factories, 40,000 miles of railway track, 4,100 railway stations, 40,000 hospitals, 84,000 schools, 43,000 libraries, 96,500 tanks, 106,000 aircraft, 7 million horses and 17 million sheep - were all obliterated by Hitler and his ruthless Nazi butchers.

US dead was 418,000, a paltry 1.55 percent, Britain fared slightly worse with 450,900 a mere 1.67 per cent. Nazi bombs were never dropped on US soil, yet according to Hollywood anybody would think the USA won the war. Furthermore the USA wouldn’t even have entered it if Japan had not bombed Pearl Harbour. Had it not been for the USSR, Nazi jackboots would have been stomping through Britain and herding people into gas chambers.

There was a Nazi coup in the Ukraine and 167 MPs are Nazis made up of the Svoboda, Batkivshchyna and the UDAR. The Svobada Party hero worships Stepen Bandera. His Nazi SS Division launched an ethnic cleansing campaign whereby “priests were beheaded and crucified, men disembowelled, women gang-raped, families locked into wooden barns and the buildings set on fire.”

A Batkivshchyna MP speaking about the Russians said “I’d just shoot them dead. They should be expelled from here, back in 1654 Ukraine aligned with the Russian empire, that’s why those creatures here deserve only death.” The UDAR, in coalition with Svoboda and Batkivshchyna. was involved in the Nazi coup.

With all this Russophobia from politicians and the media I’m reminded of the following statements from former President Truman “If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany and that way let them kill as many as possible.”

When he became President he told his entourage “the Russians would soon be put in their places”, and that “the United States would then take the lead in running the world in the way that the world ought to be run.” At a cabinet meeting he expressed himself even more eloquently “If the Russians did not wish to join us they could go to hell.”

This “servile” approach by British and EU politicians towards the USA disgusts me. For the second time in 70 years there’s a Nazi State in Europe - they should be telling the Americans they should “go to hell.”

Dave Coates

Barnsley Road