Letters - Could church towers not have been left as a memorial?

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Well, a crowd gathered around the churchyard at Stanley to watch the final tower being demolished and there was a feeling of sadness permeating through the driving wind and rain.

I, for one, felt a sense of loss.

One had to smile though as the vulture-like crane picked over the fresh carrion of the church looking for the choicest pickings of juicy Yorkshire Stone (Where’s that going? Where the misericords went?)

A shaft of sunlight momentarily cast a smile over the sorry scene as if the Almighty was saying a tearful goodbye.

Although a non-believer I cannot understand why at least part of the church could not have been saved.

Being of such an unusual design (I believe it was the only two towered church in Yorkshire), surely the church who are not short of a bob or two could have implemented a salvage scheme to leave the towers as a memorial?

The towers could be seen for miles around and were surely a historic landmark.

I totally understand local residents wanting it demolished due to it being derelict, unsafe and a magnet for anti-social behaviour, yet another village which was desperately in need of heart surgery instead had its heart torn out.

If this building had been in a major conurbation, eg York Minster or Leeds Cathedral (or the leaning tower of Pisa), there would have been uproar. Instead a church in the backwards swamp that is Stanley is ignored. Stanley is unimportant to them.

The clergy involved in this debarcle should be ashamed. Perhaps they will build a new church on the old site? Such a shame.

Nidge Solly

Lake Lock Road