Letters - Northern cities and councils need to get a backbone

It would appear that we have to suffer a lot more yet before the present government bring the northern local councils to their knees.

After already making savings of £65m, with cuts to nearly everything one can think of as far as local council services are concerned, we have to undergo another series of cuts that will take away nearly, if not all, any free pleasures that we able to enjoy up here in the north.

Pugneys lake being the next one to be privatised, as the council say they are unable to afford to maintain and run it for much longer.

I wonder what would happen if, perish the thought, the local council said that they were unable to maintain and run Hyde Park, or Regents Park, and were going to transfer them to private enterprise when all visitors would have to pay to enter them.

I just couldn’t see that happening, after all, they are in the privileged south, we cannot upset the people there now, can we.

Isn’t it time that the northern city and town councils got a backbone, and joined together and challenged the government head on and said: “No, we’ve had enough”.

If Mr Pickles and his cronies think that we can deliver a raft of public services that are necessary to keep a population healthy and happy, then let them come here and have a go for a year.

There is no doubt that some cuts had to be made somewhere, to clean up the wastage and tighten the belts of some departments, as the savings already made don’t seem to have had any major adverse effects on most people.

But what will be next, all the council care homes, the new Sun Lane leisure centre, no street cleaning at all, having to pay to walk in the parks, or maybe even having to pay to enter the market, as they say that they can’t afford to subsidise that any more?

I think it is quite clear that the next round of cuts will really start to bite and hurt the people that are most unable to weather them.

It’s time to say, “enough is enough up here”. Let’s see the south start to take their share of the cuts, after all, it was the greed down there that got us all into the mess that we are in.

Ian Anderson

Lincoln Street