LETTERS: Sad to see threatened Post Office closure in Ossett

Wakefield Post Office, Procidence Street/Northgate
Wakefield Post Office, Procidence Street/Northgate

Norman Hazell, Woolgreaves Drive, Sandal

Last week, Kathleen and I spent a few days in the lovely Devon fishing village Bideford, with a population I suppose of about 14,000.

Walking along the riverside road we spotted a fine General Post Office with four serving windows.

Then, on our return to the City of Wakefield, (the population of Wakefield Council is about one third of a million) we passed the derelict remains of what was once our GPO.

A sad note as I opened my Express to read what Royal Mail is now threatening to do in Ossett. I am sure the council and our MP will protest against the closure but I suppose they will be ignored as usual.

I only hope nobody from Royal Mail reads the Wakefield Express, or that fine GPO in Bideford will be destroyed.