LETTERS: Short sighted decision over Knottingley and Castleford pools

Castleford swimming pool - earmarked for closure.
Castleford swimming pool - earmarked for closure. p302a405

S Goodall, Pollards Fields, Ferrybridge

Wakefield Council has made a short sighted decision that will impact on an already under funded social care system.

The council has decided to ignore the support of thousands of people protesting against this plan.

To close Knottingley Sports Centre lacks the social integrity one would expect of a Labour council. Capitalist ideaology in this instance will undoubtedly impact on future Labour votes.

Knottingley Sports Centre is the beating heart of this community, with excellent transport links and parking facilities.

This centre could be repaired at a fraction of the £14.8m set aside for the Pontefract Park Flagship venture.

The best way of regenerating Knottingley is to keep the centre open, affording everyone - wealthy or poor - the option of aspiring to good health.