LETTERS - Trickett will help you

I READ regularly the letters and it is either pulling down our council or MP Jon Trickett.

To Mr Downs, whose letter appeared on Friday, January 21: our constituency MP, who represents Sandal is an MP who if you write to, helps you.

Yes he does help the disabled and many more unfortunate people. If you look at this MP’s expenses he claimed just about nil in parliament.

Now look at the millionaires in your party coalition.

A multi-millionaire MP who was a cabinet minister claimed £19,251 in expenses and later found out he claimed £40,000 extra and resigned from government. Did he pay this money back?

Also since the coalition came to power, £1billion has been given away by the development department to other countries. Already £5 million in expenses.

Now Jon Trickett will help you, even with you being a Tory.

What have your three Tory councillors done for Sandal?

Look at the roads and potholes. Peter Box got these repairs done after residents rung up his office.

What have the three musketeers done about the speeding traffic where we live? Nothing.

Have they petitioned for our youths, for EMA and university fees? No, but Mr Box has.

More people in our great city complain and they don’t even vote. By using your democratic vote it gives you the chance to complain.

Jack Williamson

Mountbatten Avenue