LETTERS: We need more hospitals as the world expands

Pinderfields Hospital
Pinderfields Hospital

Joan Mathur, via email

Why is it so difficult for people in government to understand the NHS?

They are surprised that the demands are going up and expanding. The demands for holidays abroad went up, so the airline companies put on more aeroplanes and governments build more airports. More people have their own cars, which means more cars on the roads - so the government built more roads. We have more phones, more houses, more shops, so why not more hospitals as the world expands?

When Pinderfields Hospital (and Pontefract) was being built the planners were told repeatedly that they needed more beds... did they listen? No they did not.

So now we have a crisis all year round.

There are three solutions: solution one is that we build more hospitals and have more social care. Solution two is that we stop medical research and stop treating people over 70 years of age. Solution three is we stop procreation!