Memories of Almshouses

I write with a query and wonder if you could kindly help, please.

Before marriage I lived in Wakefield for 17 years, so have fond memories of the city, and recall that there are almshouses on George Street. I used to pass them quite often and can vaguely remember them.

I now run an architecture group for Devizes and District U3A [University of the Third Age] and plan to do almshouses for a future session.

As I used to live in the city I thought it would be interesting to include those in Wakefield.

If you have information on them, their history and possibly a picture that I could use, I would be most grateful.

Last year I did a session on cinemas and theatres and included the lovely old Theatre Royal and Opera House and the much-mourned Playhouse, which was, I believe one of the earliest “picture houses”.

When I was about 12 the Playhouse was a favourite haunt. We lived in Garden Street, as was. An architecture lover even then, I was fascinated by the organ chambers flanking the screen, the “playhouse windows” as I called them. They were quite striking.

However, I digress. If you could help me with information on the almshouses or direct me to someone who could I would be grateful indeed.

Mrs P St Osland

Downlands Road