Milk prices are too cheap

This may seem odd to you but I am writing to ask for the price of milk to be increased.

I think 89p is far too low a price for four pints and although it is so convenient to pick up the milk when doing the groceries, my conscience bothers me every time I do so.

Our dairy farmers are being driven out of business and ultimately all our milk will need to be imported from Europe.

I choose to buy eggs from free range hens but we shall have no choice when it is all imported milk. We know that some cows already spend their entire lives inside enormous sheds in some parts of the world.

We cannot manage without milk, we just need to pay a realistic price for it.

People may say we ought to have a doorstep delivery of milk. So we did for decades but cancelled after mistakes were made and we had to return milk to a farm twice on the days we were going on holiday.

I’m just one customer but cannot be the only one to feel this way.

Mrs JM Moglia

The Balk