Misery of city’s traffic system

I’ve just read ‘Express Letters’ Friday, October 31 and was heartened by your inclusion of a letter describing the traffic congestion in Wakefield.

Only heartened because I no longer feel alone in moaning about the miserable unfit for purpose road system throughout the city centre.

I operate a haulage company on Calder Vale Road and because of the intense frustration and time lost queuing on the ridiculous road network I am considering relocating out of Wakefield and I wouldn’t be surprised if many more follow suit.

Personally I avoid shopping in Wakefield and go to Dewsbury or White Rose just because of the traffic.

I have written several times to the council highlighting the hot spots only to receive an unsatisfactory reply.

Why are we reduced to one lane from Westgate End onto Ings Road? Traffic often backs up to St Michaels, this isn’t a difficult fix. Who on earth dreamed up the disappearing lane from Ings Road onto Westgate?

It’s bonkers !!

And what about the road opposite Halfords which is left turn only taking you around the Kirkgate roundabout or what about.... I could go on.

Wakefield Council Highways in my opinion should be ashamed of the traffic management alterations made over the recent years are they actually accountable to anyone?

Who does the council serve? This is a democracy... listen to the people!

Robert Heald

Turner Close